Will You Let Me Stand By You?

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A few times a year, I and my team of staff and volunteer assistants, get the profound opportunity to stand for those courageous individuals who every day are standing for their families, for their communities, for humanity. It’s a great honor, and something I live for. So, Courageous Woman, will you let me stand by you? Will you let all of us stand by you?

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Meet Deborah York – Woman of Honor

Deborah York

Last night I called Deborah, who is co-facilitating our 5-day intensive for women this May for the first time, and asked her to share her very inspiring life story from the time she was born into tough circumstances to the time she and I met and began to offer the events we’ve been offering for the last 7 years.

Talk about a woman of honor, Deborah’s life is a story of taking courageous stand after courageous stand, honoring the call of her heart. She’s taught me so much about honoring emotions and honoring women.

I invite you to download it to your iPod and listen to it as you walk, run, do the chores, or whatever. Here’s the link to my conversation with Deborah.

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Upcoming Free Tele-Seminars!

I’m hosting the following tele-seminars to serve you as a powerful, courageous, loving, visionary woman in today’s world (Hint: they all have something to do with this heart-opening EMOTION of Honor I’ve been sharing about):

The Secret of Romantic Love:

How to have a man FEEL passionately romantic.

  • What romance is to a man
  • How to open a man’s heart
  • How to make him FEEL the emotion he’d DIE to feel.
  • Examples from Hollywood
  • Tuesday, March 31, 2pm Eastern

    Miracle of Pure Love:

    The secrets of bringing down your walls in a romantic relationship, and opening the window to more love, intimacy and romance than you ever thought possible.

  • Learn when you’re trapped in “Relationship Quicksand” and how to get unstuck
  • The Flying Pig Phenomenon – Key to rebuilding trust
  • The Judgment Walls – How to bring them down to let the love flow
  • Thursday April 2, 2pm Eastern

    Hero Exercise

  • Deepen your personal experience of the emotion of honor.
  • Access the courage to face anything,
  • Open your heart deeply to connect with a woman who inspires you.
  • Find your personal “Stream of Honor” to carry you toward your vision.
  • Tuesday April 7, 2pm Eastern

    Hero Exercise 2 –

  • Have the opportunity to honor a woman you greatly admire.
  • Be inspired by the other women, who share.
  • Be moved by a vision of walking a path similar to women who inspire you.
  • Find a great sense of clarity and strength
  • Thursday April 9, 2pm Eastern

    Here’s the number to call: (512) 501-4531 Ext. 407284#

    Mark these on your calendar!

    And if you’re not on our reminder list, please go here: http://www.visionforce.com/woman

    Submit any questions below:

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    My Visionary Mother – Part 2

    This is the next chapter in my story about my mother and I (Part one is here).

    During this time in my life, I was of little help to my mother and her struggles. If anything, I was a major hindrance, a source of pain, a source of judgment. As I tried to find my own way, my own voice, my own path, I said and did things that hurt my mother and made things more difficult for her.

    I was 14, 15, 16 and 17.

    Ultimately I left home at the age of 17. I left her, left my brothers and sisters, and left my home just as my senior year of high school was beginning.

    I’ll never forget the look in my mom’s eyes the day I came home to get the last of my belongings. She was standing at the kitchen sink, doing dishes. I saw a depth of pain in her eyes that I can’t describe.

    I don’t remember saying anything to her. I walked out the door and wouldn’t see her again for 9 months. I barely had the strength to stand for myself in those days.

    It would be years before I’d have much to offer my mother… before I’d have an opportunity to begin to give back to her.

    The years that followed were very tough years—for all of us.

    One by one, my brothers and sisters left home. Each of us, in our own way, standing in judgment of her, as teenagers often do with parents. Then, there she was—alone. She’d dared to question her entire life-long belief system, she’d dared to question the authority of the church, the authority of the state, the authority of her parents… so that she and her children could be free and happy.

    And now she was alone and going through more pain than I can imagine.

    But through the years of the divorce, my mom stepped out into the business world. She went from having zero experience in the business world to starting business after business – even during the time that she was questioning everything and going through the divorce.

    And her ideas were never small. They were always larger than life.

    In my mom’s worldview, ANYTHING was possible. She went on to get her stockbroker license and to succeed at several businesses, with an uncommon level of passion and commitment.

    (Years later, when I asked her about her beliefs about money, she told me that when she was going through the divorce, and her family was being torn apart, that she realized this: if she only had enough money – she could save her family and protect her children.)

    For years my mother talked about writing her autobiography, and helping other women through her personal story. But, it was easier said than done. As you can probably imagine, what she would risk by telling her story would be the judgment of the world all over again.

    She was, quite naturally, afraid of repeating the intense pain that she’d experienced as she had taken a stand for herself and left the church years before.

    And although she’d attained great success in the business world, she was still feeling the pain of the relationships with her children and family that were unresolved.

    Sometimes, no matter how much you desire something, or no matter how much you love someone, it can seem impossible to find what it takes to transcend those inner barriers.

    This would be the time in my mom’s life, when I would get the opportunity to stand for her, as she’d always stood for me. This would be the time, when I’d have the strength and ability to stand with her, face her fears with her, and be the one who loved her no matter what.

    I’ll tell more of the story in a future post, but you can listen to the beginning of an interview in which she’s asking me about honor, guilt and how to apply the force of honor in your life. (Note: She’s now a very successful author, and her story impacts thousands of people’s lives around the world. Her web site is here – but more on that later.)

    Interview of Michael Skye: Guilt vs. Honor as Guiding Forces

    I’m being interviewed by my mother, Sasha Xarrian, who was a powerful guiding force in my life. She is author of Outrageous Mastery, An Experiment with Power, which has sold very well on-line for the last few years and is about to be published in print.

    She conducted this interview for her membership site, where she invites people to experiment with their creative power and create the life they envision. My mother's story is an incredible one, and she has been a continual source of inspiration to me since the time I was born (yes, I am biased, but just ask the hundreds of people have written to her, after her story and ideas changed their lives)!

    MP3 File

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    Visionary Woman and HONOR

    A few years ago, I interviewed a woman after she returned from our retreat, known then as the VisionForce Boot Camp. The EMOTION of Honor had a great impact on her life, her work, her relationships and more. And it empowered her to face the world with her inspired vision.

    What does it mean to LIVE as a visionary? What is HONOR as a feeling, and how can it impact one’s life?

    I invite you to listen as Barbara shares her inspiring story. And as you listen, I invite you to FEEL how honor is impacting her life.

    Right click here to download the MP3 for your iPod or other MP3 player.

    Please leave your comments below. Thank you!

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    Interview with Visionary Woman: Kelly Lynn

    I just got off the phone interviewing Kelly Lynn, and recorded the call as a podcast I think you’ll really enjoy–especially if you think that money is limiting the fulfillment of your vision.

    Kelly shares the source of her inspiration to create a visionary home and school for foster children, 7 Rays Ranch, where they are deeply loved, honored and learn to love learning and life. She also courageously shares her deepest fears and frustrations, AND how she’s standing for financial miracles happening so she can take the next bold step on her journey: attending VisionForce’s May retreat for Visionary Women. There, she’ll build alliances with other visionary women, and receive deep training in practical methods to make miracles happen from love.

    MP3 File

    Here’s a video about Kelly’s 7 Rays Ranch:

    If you’d like to contact Kelly to support her in her vision in any way, please comment below. Also, if you’d like to chip in for her journey to Austin to attend the powerful training called Power of Pure Love, do so below (it’s EASY!). And ANY amount is greatly appreciated!

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    My Visionary Mother

    Families are forever.

    That’s what I’d been told since birth, as a young Mormon boy with 3 sisters and 2 brothers.

    FOREVER. That’s a long time.

    Forever – as in, no matter what. Forever.

    I was 14 when I learned my parents were getting a divorce.

    My mother had given birth to 7 children in 9 years. My sister Sarah only lived a few weeks. The rest of us were either teenagers, or almost teenagers.

    So, my father moves out. Grandparents, aunts and uncles take sides. Church leaders and members take sides.

    I got to witness my mother’s despair. Grief, guilt, fear, overwhelm. She did her best to present a strong front.

    But here was a woman whose entire life could be summed up in two words. Mormon and mother.

    A good Mormon woman obeys her husband. Period. She follows the leaders, who hold the priesthood of God.

    So, get this picture. My mom’s left to fend for her 6 children, never having had a paying job in her life. Never
    having known anything but Mormonism.

    And now, when she needs the support of that community the most, they’re taking sides with my father, the priesthood holder,
    and leaving her to stand on her own.

    To fend for herself.

    Scared and alone, my mother takes on the church leaders. And she takes on my father’s attorney. At times, defending herself, with no money to pay a law firm –defending herself in front of the courtroom, while being accused of being a bad mother.

    Now, if you knew my mother then, you knew her by the courage with which she loved, believed in and gave to her children.

    She was widely respected as an incredible mother. And, here she was, being humiliated in front of a room full of people, most
    of whom didn’t know her, trying to defend herself as my father’s attorney tried to take her children from her.

    Actually, that was probably just a game to hurt her and threaten her, because I don’t believe for a moment that my father wanted custody.

    So, get the picture. My mother is alone.

    Her parents are standing in judgment of her for going through with the divorce.

    Her brothers and sisters, mostly nowhere to be found.

    The church, her support system, gone. She’s completely alone. Unsupported. And her teenage children are rebelling.

    All of this Probably having her feel that she’s somehow failing as a mother. At times, I’m sure she probably blamed herself. Blamed God.

    I really can’t even fathom the absolute pain my mother bore.

    If she removes her children from the church environment, what would she teach them? Would she suffer eternally in hell, as she’d always been taught?

    Would they burn in hell along side her?

    How would she be their mother with wisdom to offer, if she was questioning everything she’d ever believed?

    How would she support them?

    But she knew…

    She knew she could not continue to raise them in that environment, and a worldview that would allow this to happen to her and her family.

    So, in the face of fear of eternal damnation and excommunication from the only community she’d ever known…

    In the face of the terror of not knowing how she’d teach or provide for her children, the beings she’d given her life for…

    In the face of the utter humiliation, fear and guilt that accompanies anyone who attempts to leave such an environment…

    In the face of it all, my mother took a stand for herself and her children.

    And my life, from her courageous example of love, would never be the same.

    Some people say that it’s better for a husband and wife to stay together, no matter what.

    Some people say it destroys the children, when a couple gets a divorce. Many people view divorce under any circumstances as
    moral failure.

    What I got as her eldest son was my freedom.

    The freedom to live my life courageously as my mother had, bowing down to no man out of fear or guilt, shrinking myself to conform
    to no group out of fear or shame.

    I found my freedom. I got my life.

    And I credit my mother, and her bold stand for herself and for me.


    There would be many tough years ahead for both of us…

    And it would be years before I’d be able to give back to my mother, to be the one to stand for her life and her freedom as she’d stood for mine.


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    The Force of Honor

    You’re about to discover the powerful inner force of honor that can change you life forever… (Scroll down for the FULL AUDIO)

    When you FEEL this inner force, you
    – have nothing to prove,
    – react to nothing and no one,
    – have no doubt about your path or purpose,
    – are completely fulfilled, nothing missing,
    – feel one with god/universe/life/nature,
    – have unlimited access to love as your source of courage
    – naturally become more conscious and awake,
    – inspire others to open their hearts,
    – and much more.

    Here’s The Force of Honor audio with Michael Skye.
    You may download the MP3 file or simply click the play button below.

    Download the MP3 File

    Honor is a distinct human emotion. It’s part of our inner compass that often gets squashed in a world of hierarchical institutions.

    Having direct, ongoing and lasting access and control of this emotion can empower you to stay steadfast in your commitments to create a better life, a better world.

    On the audio recording you’re about to listen to, we discuss how social conditioning has left us without Honor as a powerful emotion, and how we now compromise ourselves and suffer silently as result. (and what we can do to regain this source of courage, power and love)

    Listen to the complete audio above to get a good grasp of this natural force within you.

    In the audio, you’ll hear reference to the VisionForce Boot Camp for world-changing parents, teachers, leaders, entrepreneurs, artists. The next one is in the form of a retreat (NOT a boot camp) for Visionary Women, and it’s titled, Power of Pure Love.

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    Vision Exercise – 2

    Today’s call was great. After reviewing the 3 fundamental steps to turn your dream or idea into a powerful vision that speaks to your heart, I talked to women who had completed the exercise and answered their questions.

    Here’s the link to the unedited audiorecording from the second tele-seminar on the Vision Exercise. Please let me know what you think.

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    Vision Exercise EXAMPLE

    Here’s a vision exercise submitted by a woman named Terri. Notice how the vision she shares in the beginning becomes deeply embedded in her heart as she goes through the exercise. With this exercise a dream, idea or a vision that you have becomes a part of you. It feels like your destiny. And it becomes as if nothing that can stand in your way:

    My Vision:

    Although our govt. and the world in general seems to be moving more and more into a system where people are more and more dependent on govt. and business for their survival, I am inspiring people to become more and more self-sufficient. I see people growing their own food, supplying their own free energy, healing their own bodies with natural means, living their dreams instead of giving up their life for a job.

    I see people of foresight and of a sovereign nature reversing that and either individually or in community creating and supplying their own needs locally. I see people and communities living off-the-grid, growing gardens, building free energy machines, and even using their own local currencies as some communities are already doing. I see governments and big companies losing their power over us and the people regaining their freedom and sovereignty. But this time we do freedom from a less selfish, uncaring position and do nothing that harms others or the planet and in an interdependent way (realizing we are all One).

    Step One – Face the Mountain

    The challenges would be to find people who wanted to hear about the vision and assist with it in whatever way they could. If I spent years doing that and no one else cared about it, it would be very discouraging. It would be very painful if friends shut me out because they didn’t want to hear about it and couldn’t deal with it. My fear is to be shunned, rejected, excluded, to lose friends, and to lose the respect of others.

    I work hard to network with all kinds of people and like to keep those connections, so losing them would be difficult. It would also make me angry if friends didn’t support me, or I find out they really aren’t friends. It would be painful to know my vision could help people have beautiful, free, happy lives and yet they couldn’t understand it or take it on and lived in misery instead. It would be painful to see others suffer when they could be joyful… It would be painful to watch the continued insanity rule this planet when people could experience and create wonderful lives.

    I have memories of some past lives where I was killed, quite a few times for being different, for standing up for truth and reason and for standing up and out. There is a fear that this could happen again.

    Step 2 – Stand for Being

    What would make it worth the possible pain of living my vision is to have a lifestyle where I had a place or lived in a community with people who supplied most of their needs locally. To be free and self-sufficient from the corrupt and broken systems in place today. To be free from energy companies, poisoned and unnutritious food and water, harmful AMA healthcare, spirit-deadening jobs and companies, and WalMart! It would be worth it to help others become self-sufficient and watch them thrive too. And to develop networks of people dedicated to this who could help each other and share the best ways to have this self-sufficiency.

    It would be worth it to be a stand for freedom, safety, sovereignty, and living more in harmony with the Earth. As the world gets more crazy, we can create safe, sane places interacting with each other from our new understanding and creating a new culture of freedom and love.

    Step 3 – See

    The more I see myself standing for #2 in the face of #1, the more I see:

    my life becoming what I’ve always dreamed it being and living as I always wanted to.

    The more I see that, the more I see:

    feeling more powerful and empowered by what I can do and be. feeling more in integrity with what I know and understand.

    The more I see that, the more I see:

    more integrity means more inner peace and fulfillment. Without integrity there can be no peace.

    The more I see that, the more I see:

    more power means that people will see me as a model that they can learn from and they will start to listen, to learn. More people will find their own self-sufficiency and connection to the Earth.

    The more I see that, the more I see:

    whole communities becoming less and less dependent on govt. or jobs or big companies taking all their money, energy and time and people having time to put into their visions and dreams, and enjoying life more.

    The more I see that, the more I see:

    the more peace on Earth I see, the more happy people I see.

    The more I see that, the more I see:

    an end to poverty, hunger, apathy, war…

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