Hero Letter EXAMPLE

This is a letter I wrote to honor my youngest sister a few months ago.  I wrote it as if sharing with others who she is, which can be a powerful way for her to receive it.  I didn’t include the recommended visioning at the end, as I suggest in my tele-seminar, yet it’s still powerful.

I hope this touches your heart, because she so touches

I want to tell you who my youngest sister IS…

Her name is Alecia.

She’s the woman, who at the age of 16 was
the best friend and ally to my youngest brother,
Jonathan, at a time when he didn’t really have any
other consistent support, any parent very present, or
any other older sibling.

In the face of probably feeling lost herself
and without much support, she found the courage
and the strength on a daily basis to be his source
of love and guidance.

She’s the woman, who has face a lot of shame and guilt
–the way an innocent child often does when they assume
the blame for the splitting up of a family or a marriage.

She’s the one who as an adult has been a continual
uniting force for her brothers and sisters, always
thinking of how she can bring us together, always
thinking of how she can give her love and support.

And she does this now in addition to raising her own
3 beautiful children and being in committed partnership
with her husband–and all of the challenges those roles
can bring.

She’s the woman, who is giving all of her love every
single day Braedon and Darian, two of my nephews, and
Aleia, my adorable little neice. She’s the one who stands
strong for them in the face of stress and overwhelm managing
a household and 3 young children, with one on the way
(a kind of stress and overwhelm I can’t imagine as I can’t
seem to handle half a day around so many kids who seem to
always be needing something).

She’s the woman who has given up some of her own personal
dreams to give her beautiful children and family all of the
love she has to give.  She’s the one who gave them life,
the one who carried them and gave birth to them–and made
it possible for them to be in my life.  In the face of who
knows how many fears a new mother faces, when she suddenly
is responsible for an innocent young life in addition to her
own…and then another and another and soon another.

She’s the woman, who holds such a high standard for her
motherhood that she often has to face her own judgment.
And yet she rises each morning to give all of her love yet
again.  And again.

She’s the woman, who gives such love, even though she
probably rarely feels deeply appreciated for all her efforts
(how could her young children possibly acknowledge or fully
appreciate what she gives?).  She keeps on giving.

She’s the woman, who stands so passionately for her being
true to her own mind and heart when raising her children
that she finds herself criticized by those who hold differing
views–often even by those closest to her.  And yet she
continues to be strong and trust her own guidance, while
receiving and opening to others’ criticism.

I can’t imagine how tough it must be as a mother to be
criticized by others, would presume to tell you how to
raise your children.

She’s the woman, who rises early in the morning before her
young ones wake–and RUNS for her health and vitality.  Even
pregnant, she ventures out into the early morning to run!
And all this before she turns to another day of full on mothering,
serving, giving, teaching, resolving conflict, on and on.
What a warrior she is!


She’s the woman, who, every time I see her, approaches me
with open arms and a wide, wide open heart.  No matter how
long it has been, no matter whether or not I showed up to
the last party she planned for the family–or the one before
that–she opens to me, and she embraces me as if she seeks to
fill me completely with her love.

She’s the one, who listens when I share.  She’s the one, who
honors me for the path I have chosen, even when that means she
and I don’t get to share as much of this life together right now.

She’s the one who champions me, remembers me, and I imagine…
often prays for me and my well being.

She’s the one, who has continued to bring her brothers and
sisters together, and has planned event after event, bearing
probably most of the preparing, cleaning and organizing.
She’s probably often felt disrespected in her own house, and
unappreciated.  And she stands up for herself and speaks her
truth!  And she continues to invite us to be in celebration
with her in her house.

She’s the one, who has given her heart to a young man, who
is a friend of mine, and has stood by him as his partner, his
ally, his friend for the last 9 years.  She’s the one who has
faced the challenges a marriage brings, and has continued to
reach out in communication, prayer and partnership to see how
she can always be a better wife, a better partner, a better
woman, a better person.  I imagine he must feel deeply blessed
to have her standing by his side in courageous, loving partnership.

Alecia…  she’s my sister.

She’s the one who fiercely seeks truth and wisdom… so much
so that even after the tumult of leaving her religion and finding
her path, she’s always seeking more truth, more wisdom.  And
she’s willing to question, to receive, to listen… And this
even though most of her brothers and sisters probably still
stand in judgment of religion.  She fiercely stands for
following her own mind and heart when it comes to choosing her
course in life.  And she inspires me!

She’s the one, who is the trusted confidant of both of my other
sisters, who do not always get along so well.  Even in the
face of their independent judgments of each other, she stands
as their bridge.  Without judgment.  She’s the bridge.  She’s
the one holding a love big enough for everyone.

She’s the one, who’s been standing for me passionately recently,
inviting me deeper into the gifts of faith, inviting me to
know that I’m not alone in this world, and that I have a god
who loves me.  She’s the one, who shares from her heart when she
sees she can help someone, even in the face of whatever doubts
or fears she has about whether they’ll received her offerings.

Alecia… this brief post can’t possibly tell you who she is,
the depth of her soul, the spark of light that she is or the
amount of love in her heart… but maybe it gives you a glimpse.

-Michael Skye