What Kind of Visionary Woman Are YOU?

The question is not ‘Are you a visionary woman,’ because I believe we’re all visionary by nature.

It’s human nature to love, to care deeply–so deeply that we’ll give our life, if need be.

Whenever we give all of our heart to something or someone we care about, we find something worth standing for, worth living for, sometimes worth dying for. And that FEELING that let’s us KNOW something is worthy of our life is what I call Honor.

So what is that SOMETHING you care so deeply about that you’d take great risks to stand for?

  • Is it your children? The children in your local community? Or the children of the world?
  • Is it the environment? Is it clean air in your community? Or is it the environment of your home?
  • Is it peace in the Middle East? Peace for victims of domestic abuse? Peace in your home? Or peace in your heart?
  • Is it connecting people to spirit, to God or to their power? Is it bringing about new approaches to spirituality, love and life?
  • Is it creating a wellness center?
  • Is it standing for rape victims in Japan? Is it standing for women worldwide?
  • Is it standing for yourself right now?

What is it that YOU feel deeply moved to make a difference with? Who are the people who’s lives you feel most deeply inspired to touch?

Whatever it is you’re up to in life, the more you can STAND in the fullness of your love, the more power you have to impact profound change in whatever realm you choose. Love triumphs ALWAYS.

But it’s not enough to know you love something or someone. How do you FEEL that love, and stand courageously in that love, even when you feel fear, doubt, stress, guilt, shame, overwhelm, etc.?

It’s one thing to be peaceful and loving when you’re in prayer, meditation or yoga. It’s quite another to operate from love IN THE MOMENT OF CHALLENGE.

And if your life is an expression of your deep love for someone or something, then challenges are plentiful.

When the dignity of your child is threatened by a teacher, how do you respond? When your business idea is laughed at, how do you respond?

In these moments, we tend to close up, tighten our grip, and attempt to control things. We put up walls around our heart to keep us safe. We avoid our critics. We try to avoid our own “negative emotions.”

And in doing so, WE CUT OFF OUR GREATEST ACCESS TO POWER: The Power of Pure Love

How do you stand in love, when confronted by your critics?
How do you stand in love, when all hope is lost and you can see no way out?
How do you stand in love, when you doubt yourself and you’re lacking confidence?
How do you stand in love, when people are disrespecting you?
How do you stand in love, when it feels like the rug is being pulled out from underneath you?
How do you stand in love, when everyone has said No to you, and laughed at you?

Whatever your current approach is to these situations, your door to the miraculous power of pure love will be swing wide open at the Power of Pure Love retreat. You will learn PRACTICAL methods to FEEL the depth of your love in any moment and act congruently from that place.

You will find access to the grounding power of your open heart, and EXPERIENCE first-hand bold new approaches to the most challenging situations you face. And you will leave forever impacted from the core of your being with a new relationship to your sacred self and your power.

Imagine returning home to your family, your community, your business or other visionary project with allies who “see” you and know you more deeply than most others do, and who STAND WITH YOU and for you in the world.

The Power of Pure Love retreat is designed to empower YOU, the Visionary Woman, with the most practical and powerful tools, methods and experiences to confront the world with your heart WIDE OPEN, nothing to hide from, no one to fear.

This program gives you a new relationship to power from the core of your heart. And it’s focus is on the specific areas where you habitually close up your heart in order to protect yourself. The basis for the Power of Pure Love program (a 5-day intensive retreat and 7 week coaching program) is the VisionForce “Boot Camp,” which we’ve now customized specifically for courageous women. Here’s a video from the boot camp: