Ask And Ye Shall Receive – MONEY??

I am so inspired by several of the Visionary Women who’ve registered for this retreat, who are standing for being here, even in the face of fear that they might not be able to raise the funds to attend. It’s also interesting to speak to those who think they can’t attend, because of financial reasons. We’re all living inside our own view of what’s possible.

“Ask and ye shall receive.”

One of the Visionary Women standing for being here with us in May has asked me continually for my support and advice, and that’s a KEY trait for any of us who aim to bring about our visions in the world. We must be able to ask!

She’s used the internet mostly to raise nearly $900 ($200 of it has yet to post), most of it from people she’s never met. You can see my post about her, and see how she’s doing it here. She recorded an audio with me, where she shared her vision vulnerably. It’s available here:

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” What we perceive to be impossible or imprudent is limited to our perspective. To a person who believes people want to contribute, and that she is giving to others by inviting them to contribute and partner with her–ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.