Upcoming Free Tele-Seminars!

I’m hosting the following tele-seminars to serve you as a powerful, courageous, loving, visionary woman in today’s world (Hint: they all have something to do with this heart-opening EMOTION of Honor I’ve been sharing about):

The Secret of Romantic Love:

How to have a man FEEL passionately romantic.

  • What romance is to a man
  • How to open a man’s heart
  • How to make him FEEL the emotion he’d DIE to feel.
  • Examples from Hollywood
  • Tuesday, March 31, 2pm Eastern

    Miracle of Pure Love:

    The secrets of bringing down your walls in a romantic relationship, and opening the window to more love, intimacy and romance than you ever thought possible.

  • Learn when you’re trapped in “Relationship Quicksand” and how to get unstuck
  • The Flying Pig Phenomenon – Key to rebuilding trust
  • The Judgment Walls – How to bring them down to let the love flow
  • Thursday April 2, 2pm Eastern

    Hero Exercise

  • Deepen your personal experience of the emotion of honor.
  • Access the courage to face anything,
  • Open your heart deeply to connect with a woman who inspires you.
  • Find your personal “Stream of Honor” to carry you toward your vision.
  • Tuesday April 7, 2pm Eastern

    Hero Exercise 2 –

  • Have the opportunity to honor a woman you greatly admire.
  • Be inspired by the other women, who share.
  • Be moved by a vision of walking a path similar to women who inspire you.
  • Find a great sense of clarity and strength
  • Thursday April 9, 2pm Eastern

    Here’s the number to call: (512) 501-4531 Ext. 407284#

    Mark these on your calendar!

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