Interview with Visionary Woman: Kelly Lynn

I just got off the phone interviewing Kelly Lynn, and recorded the call as a podcast I think you’ll really enjoy–especially if you think that money is limiting the fulfillment of your vision.

Kelly shares the source of her inspiration to create a visionary home and school for foster children, 7 Rays Ranch, where they are deeply loved, honored and learn to love learning and life. She also courageously shares her deepest fears and frustrations, AND how she’s standing for financial miracles happening so she can take the next bold step on her journey: attending VisionForce’s May retreat for Visionary Women. There, she’ll build alliances with other visionary women, and receive deep training in practical methods to make miracles happen from love.

MP3 File

Here’s a video about Kelly’s 7 Rays Ranch:

If you’d like to contact Kelly to support her in her vision in any way, please comment below. Also, if you’d like to chip in for her journey to Austin to attend the powerful training called Power of Pure Love, do so below (it’s EASY!). And ANY amount is greatly appreciated!